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Flashing the QNAP QNA-UC5G1T on a Mac

Note that since I managed to brick one adapter trying to do this I disclaim responsibility if you, dear reader, try it and fail. On the other hand, I searched the Internet high and low for anyone else that was successful flashing these adapters without a physical Windows machine. Finding nothing, it seemed wise to […]’s Atreus

There’s something about computer keyboards…even in this age of tablets and phones they remain the primary way we get significant amounts of text and code into computers. I’ve spent time with the original IBM Model M “buckling spring”, the first generation Kinesis Advantage, ThinkPad keyboards (still one of the absolute best laptop keyboards ever), the […]

Beware Amazon Teen Logins

If you pay for the privilege of Amazon Prime, Amazon has a new feature they have quietly rolled out that changes the way your family members interact with your Prime Membership. The tl;dr is that if you are grandfathered into the older method of family management that enabled you to share your Prime benefits with […]

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