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Beware Amazon Teen Logins

If you pay for the privilege of Amazon Prime, Amazon has a new feature they have quietly rolled out that changes the way your family members interact with your Prime Membership. The tl;dr is that if you are grandfathered into the older method of family management that enabled you to share your Prime benefits with […]

LXC on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed

Author’s Note, 2018-09-28: This article is quite outdated. Docker and LXC have both matured significantly since I wrote it. I’ve been enjoying OpenSUSE’s Tumbleweed distribution. It has all of the benefits of a rolling release like Arch without some of the instability. Unfortunately, my standby for lots of testing, LXC, doesn’t quite work out of […]

Was This Information Helpful?

After helping a friend troubleshoot issues stemming from the difference between Microsoft’s MSI and Click-to-Run installers, I am now convinced that all knowledge base articles that ask for feedback need an additional checkbox. (background, friend had legal Office 2013 license installed via MSI. Bought Project as a downloadable online. Project uses Click-to-Run installer. This article […]

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