Mitigating GHOST with Salt

Using SaltStack to recover from CVE-2015–0235 (Qualys Security Advisory, GHOST: glibc gethostbyname buffer overflow) Most of us sysadmin types were pounded with this announcement this morning. The GHOST vulnerability is worth patching against—most Linux distros have already released patches—but it’s useful to know if your machines are vulnerable, or if after patching, the patch was successful. The canonical way to test for the vulnerability is with a short C program:

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Jan 27, 2015
Mitigating GHOST with Salt

Removing WireLurker with Salt

Claud Xiao from Palo Alto Networks has been in touch with me and I updated this script with his recommendations. Please note I don’t plan to add Windows support, the anti-malware vendors do a great job maintaining signatures and removing stuff like this. The news hit the fan early yesterday morning—lots of Apple haters were giddy with excitement at the revelation of the WireLurker trojan that infects iOS devices via their host Macintosh when the devices are plugged in via USB.

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Jan 24, 2015
Removing WireLurker with Salt


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